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Artist Nancy E. Rhodes and Vice President Joe Biden's wife, Dr. Jill Biden in Washington DC during Woman's History Month.

Both Joe and Jill Biden are long time supporters of our military men and women. Nancy presented an artist's proof of her Women in the Military to the Biden's.

Senator Hillary Clinton with Artist Nancy E. Rhodes.


Model and veteran Deb Joiner and Artist Nancy E. Rhodes presenting Senator Hillary Clinton with an artist's proof of the 'Women In The Military' poster


deb Joiner and Hillary Clinton

Deb Joiner has become a long time friend of mine through the 'Women In The Military' project. She is a Vietnam era veteran who works tirelessly on issues pertaining to women in the military and disabled American veterans. After interviewing Deb, I came to realize the enthusiasm and pride she feels about her military service. I felt she would be an excellent model to represent the Vietnam era veteran in the mural. Her dignity, pride and determination comes shining through in this painting. Not only was Deb an excellent model, my own life has become enriched for knowing her.


Secretary of Vet. Affairs

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Anthony Principi

Past Commander DAV Chapter 3 L.L. Merrill Jr., Annapolis, Md. and now 3rd Jr. Vice of Department of Maryland Connie Gilbert and I presented Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony Principi with an artist's proof of the 'Women In The Military' poster. He immediately directed the artwork to be hung in the lobby of the Department of Veterans Affairs building in Washington, DC.


Frank Dawson, U.S. Army (Ret.) Liaison Officer for the Department of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Executive Director CMAA of Greater Lowell, Inc. and Dr. Anthony Capinell, Executive Director National Office of Psychosocial Rehabilitation for the Veterans Health Administration, in the lobby of the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, DC.


Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and in the Ceremony Room at the State Capital where the 'Women In The Military' poster will be permanently on displayed


Artist Nancy E. Rhodes with Dr. Betty Moseley Brown, Associate Director of the Center for Women Veterans at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Washington DC. Dr. Moseley Brown asked Nancy to give the keynote address during a Women's History Month event 'Salute to Women in the Military' on March 26, 2009. Additionally, a large reproduction of her Women In the Military painting is on permanent display at the Department of Veterans Affairs.



Chief of Staff Mr. John Gingrich, and Dr. Irene Trowell Harris, Director of the Center for Women Veterans at the Department of Veteran Affairs in Washington DC present Artist Nancy E. Rhodes with a certificate of appreciation. Nancy also received a letter of appreciation from Eric K. Shinseki, the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Nancy gave the keynote address for the Women's History Month event, 'Salute to Women in the Military' on March 26th, 2009. Her work was permanetly installed at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington DC.


Vietnam veteran hero Frank Dawson and WWII veteran hero Col. Robert Elliot with Artist Nancy E. Rhodes. Col. Elliott presented an artist's proof of the Women in the Military artwork to the French Embassy where it now resides.


In March, the NYPD invited me to their conference, 'Women On The Front Lines'. They asked me to present keynote speakers, former Iraqi POW Shoshona Johnson and Gulf War veteran Marine Lt. Colonel Martha Ann Walther, with artist's proofs of my 'Women In The Military' poster. I spoke with both of these women. Shoshona was shot in both ankles in Iraq and Martha injured her back in the Gulf War and had to have emergency surgery.

What amazed me was the resilience, energy, warmth and good humor these two women radiated despite their physical pain. They were an inspiration to me and that entire room of 500 NYPD women police officers, their families and friends that attended the conference


Former Iraqi POW Shoshona Johnson (left), and artist Nancy E. Rhodes


Marine Major Jennifer Wellman (left), Gulf War veteran Marine Lt. Colonel Martha Ann Walther (right), and  Nancy E. Rhodes.  In civilian life, Martha served as Chief of Internal Security for the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority and was Vice President of Operations during 9-11.


The Police Commissioner and the Chief of Police (above), were some of the dignitaries at the event.


A special thanks goes to NYPD Detective Beth Sharrin (right), who was instrumental in bringing Nancy to New York City for the 'Women On The Front Lines' conference. It was such an honor to have my poster represent these great women who serve their city and their country on the front lines.


The models pose in front of the mural that Brigadier General Wilma Vaught (right), just dedicated at the VA Medical Center In Syracuse, New York. From left to right are Cadet Xaviera Fontan, Cadet Pia Smith, Cadet Mary Spio, Cadet Joanna Labscher,  Deb Joiner (in front of me), Ruth Schairer and Brigadier General Wilma Vaught, USAF (Ret.), President, The Women's Memorial'



Congressman Jim Walsh (second from left) stands with three of the four committee members who made this mural happen. From Left to right are Veterans Harry Schultz, Senator John Walsh, Ruth Schairer and John McGuire. Missing from the photo is Deb Joiner.


Sam Danial, Past Commander Department of New York Disabled American Veterans and Chairman of the Onondaga County Veterans Advisory Board has been a champion of my artwork since the early nineties. He headed the first committee to search out an artist to paint two large murals that would flank the entrance to the newly renovated Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, New York. One mural would be on the Vietnam War and the other would be on the Korean War. Out of the eight artists who were asked to submit sketches for this project, Sam and the rest of the committee felt confident that my work was exactly what they were looking for.

Sam has devoted his life to working successfully and tirelessly on numerous veteran projects and issues. He is a familiar face in Syracuse, New York and Washington, DC as well as in many other places across the country.


This is my newest design for a poster, based on my 1993 mural, 'VIETNAM', which is permanently located in the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse, NY. It was important for me to portray the Vietnam Veteran in a very human way. I wanted the viewer to be able to imagine themselves being in this situation and if they could function under such extreme circumstances. I wanted people to see the thousand yard stare coming from a soldier who has seen and experienced things he never would have imagined, yet he keeps putting one foot in front of the other in order to get a wounded child to safety. The courage of the nurse who holds the baby with fire and shooting going on all around her, needed to be acknowledged. To me, these two soldiers are what courage is all about. It's the over-riding of your own fear to do what it needed and right.


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