This is the original mural that artist Nancy E. Rhodes created and painted for the VA Medical Center in Syracuse, New York. Harry Schultz, Deb Joiner, Ruth Schairer and John McGuire were the committee of veterans who chose Nancy as the artist for this project. They had previously seen murals of the Vietnam and Korean Wars that she had painted for the Onondaga County War Memorial in Syracuse.
Nancy chose to use real military women, either active or retired, for this painting. She wanted to show each generation of servicewomen building upon the last.

The eagle fades in and out of the picture, touching all the branches of the military. Each branch is important, but as the painting depicts, when standing united they become a force. "It was important to me to finally give recognition to all women who have served our country," Nancy says. "Above all, Women In The Military is about women of substance making a difference.

"The courage, honor and sacrifices these women have made, and are continuing to make for our country, needs to be acknowledged and honored. I truly hope my painting expresses with great pride, dignity and honor the value of being a woman in service to her country.

"It has been an honor and a joy to have been part of this project."

The models who posed for this painting are:

In the mural: back row, left to right - Cadet Xaviera Fontan, Cadet Joanna Labscher, Cadet Pia Smith front row, left to right - Cadet Mary Spio, Deb Joiner, Ruth Schairer

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